Special Mother’s Day Gifts

July 29, 2015 - Unique Gifts
Special Mother’s Day Gifts


Mothers Day is a pretty special day, it is the only day your Mum gets to know just how special she really is to you. The last thing you want to do is to mess up the gift.

Here we are going to help you to decide what to buy the most important person in your life.

Why buying Mother’s Day gifts is tricky

When asked what they would like most Mothers say that they do not need anything, so do not need a gift. This makes finding a suitable Mothers Day gift especially tricky.

One thing is for sure, giving your Mother nothing on Mothering Sunday simply is not an option. When your Mum says there is nothing she needs you certainly should not take that as a free pass.

Is champagne the perfect Mother’s Day gift?

Mothers day

If your mum likes a drink every now and again a bottle of champagne is always a good option especially if you get it gift wrapped and delivered. The postman arriving at her door with a gift will be a welcome surprise. Once she opens it and discovers a bottle of champagne, she is going to be delighted, and you will have won the child of the year award yet again.

Add in chocolates for a win win

Add in a box or expensive chocolates and you are definitely onto a winner.

So is that as good as it gets or is there more? Of course, there is because the bottle of champagne and chocolates come in a basket that she can keep and re-use.

Including a voucher for her favourite store will make your mum even happier. Flowers are nice too, but they will not last. Champagne is not something your Mum will have every day so it makes the perfect special gift. By choosing the right champagne gift basket, you can add some earrings or a silk scarf, or both the chocolate, jewellery if you want.


Buying your Mum a champagne gift basket says so much more than just giving her a box of chocolates and a card. Champagne has the added benefit of getting your Mum a little tipsy, which makes her even more fun than usual. With luck, your Mum will share her champagne with you, so you can all have fun together.

Where to buy your Mother’s Day champagne

There are several places to get a great champagne gift for your Mum. Online you can order them from card websites, department stores even some fine wine suppliers offer the service.

They all offer a good service, but check the details. Be especially careful about the type of champagne that will be provided. Some firms only use cheap champagne, which is OK, but not if your Mum likes a certain brand or type of champagne. It is worth paying a little extra to buy a brand of champagne that your mum will actually enjoy.

Buy it as a joint gift

Champagne is not a cheap gift, so if you are on a budget consider buying your champagne basket with the help of your siblings.

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