Personalised Cards

May 19, 2015 - Unique Gifts
Personalised Cards

personalised cards

If you are looking to send someone a card and have access to the internet, you are in luck because you can send personalised cards. More and more card sites are offering this service. are one such company.

The Rise and Rise of Personalised Cards

At first, they were slow to take off because people who like to send cards felt that they should write them themselves. When those consumers saw that they could send a card from the internet they were interested, but were put off by the fact they could not write the card themselves.

Somehow, this seemed too impersonal, so they resisted buying them and carried on buying cards from shops and personalising them when they wrote them out. Then along came personalised cards and slowly those same consumers began to buy and send cards online.

The very fact that you have to take a little time and effort to personalise the card is part of the attraction, and many of them are fun. Bit by bit the sending of personalised cards is replacing the sending of ordinary cards.

Finding Personalised Cards

A simple search using the search term ‘personalised cards’ brings you back plenty of websites that sell them. However, the service you get from those sites varies. Some people have suffered the experience of having the card they sent arrive late, so it is worth shopping around. If you have never used a site before try to buy and send your first card a couple of days early and ask the person you sent it to when they got it. Once you find a good site that sends out cards reliably bookmark it.


Try to look beyond just the really big and popular websites. Giving the smaller and newer sites a go can find you some really unusual cards. If you have a favourite card shop try visiting their website. Quite a few are setting up their websites so that you can send personalised cards from their websites. If you like the cards they stock in their shops you are likely to like the cards they sell on their websites.

Sending personalised cards from abroad

These sites are a great option if you are living abroad. In many countries, it is not easy to find greeting cards. Even if you live in a country where they speak your native language it can still be tricky because it is not the custom to send cards. Being able to go online makes it easy to find the right card in the right language and send it on time. It also has the added advantage of being cheaper and more reliable than posting a card from abroad.


Take advantage of the birthday reminder functionality

On most sites you can set yourself up reminders and receive an email a week or so before the person’s birthday. It makes sense to take advantage of this function. Doing so does not oblige you to send a card, although on some sites this function only works if your account is actually active and being used.

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