Pandora Jewellery

February 2, 2015 - Unique Gifts
Pandora Jewellery

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Pandora UK is responsible for the distribution of the famous Danish jewellery brand Pandora in the United Kingdom. Per Enevoldsen founded the company in 1982 in Copenhagen. The firm has grown from a small family firm to an international retailer.

This beautiful range of jewellery is available in 50 countries throughout the world. However, to keep standards high they use a limited network of official distributors in each country.

Where to Buy Pandora UK

The Pandora UK network is made up of a combination of different kinds of stockists. It is possible to buy Pandora jewellery on the High Street, from a jeweller who is an official distributor of the range. However, most people choose instead to buy online from one of their official stockists.

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The Pandora Range

In the UK, the entire range is available. This includes necklaces, earrings, watches, rings, charm bracelets and pendants. However, not every stockist carries the entire range. Some of the smaller jewellers and websites only stock charms for the charm bracelets. As a result, some people do not realise that the Pandora range also includes other kinds of jewellery.


Charm Bracelets

If you love, the charm bracelets try to find a stockist the sells the other kinds of jewellery. In all likelihood, you will thoroughly enjoy browsing through the entire range. Styling of all of their jewellery is quite contemporary, so it is likely that if you enjoy the charm bracelets there are other pieces that will also appeal to you.

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The great thing about Pandora jewellery is that it is highly collectable. Once you have brought your first piece you will, in all likelihood, be hooked and want to buy more pieces. The most popular ranges are designed specifically to be collectable. The best examples of this are the charm bracelets and stack rings.

The charm bracelet is designed to look good even with just one or two charms on it. However, you can fit up to six charms comfortably onto the bracelet. Pandora UK also carries a range of Pandora rings, which are stackable. They are designed so that just one of these fine and thin rings looks good on your finger. However, over time you can buy more and fit them one on top of the other giving the effect that you are wearing a single ornate ring.

stack rings

Collecting Pandora

Now that the firm has been in existence for over 30 years, there is a big market for many of the older pieces. Pandora jewellery has a timeless quality and the older pieces blend in well even with the latest pieces.

Some jewellers will buy old charms from you or exchange them for new ones. The pieces have to be in good condition if you want to sell them in this way. If your pieces are a bit worse for wear you may still be able to sell them via EBay, but need to be honest about their condition.

If you are looking for a timeless gift, that practically any woman will love, you will find it in the Pandora jewellery range.

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